Just Call Me Geri

Well this is my first foray into blogging on my own website.  I tend to comment a lot on other blogs and many FB topics.  And now I have my own blog to comment on topics of the day or just topics that matter to me.

By way of introduction my name is Geri (thus you understand the title!) and I am almost 46 years old.  From an early age I remember people asking whether I preferred being called “Handicapped” or “Disabled” or “Physically Challenged,” etc.  Well, my answer simply was and still is “Just call me Geri!”

Though I was given up by my biological parents the one thing that remains from them is the name Geralyn – shortened to Geri (except for when my mom would be furious at me!) by my parents who chose me to join their family.

Hope you are interested in learning more about me and what I do by visiting my website.  All my life people have suggested I share my stories which include struggles.  I also share my joys, successes and messages of acceptance with students and other audiences.

Will be back to share more of my thoughts and stories and most likely questions …I always have a lot of questions!  Hope you come back, too.